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Ferme Vifranc Inc. is a family business that has been producing maple products for over 80 years. From father to son, tradition has been kept. Today, Vital Pelletier owns the family business and keeps that expertise alive. He represents the third generation while his son Kevin is slowly taking on greater responsibilities within the company.


At the beginning of the 20th century, maple syrup production was done strictly for the needs of the Pelletier family. In the 1950s, production became increasingly commercial as the family began selling their maple syrup by the barrel.

In 1988, the business was passed down to Vital Pelletier who, from 1988 to 1993, worked hard to improve the equipment so as to maintain the ecological practices that had been taught by his ancestors. That meant using stainless steel equipment and not using microwave technology to boil the maple sap. It also meant not using artificial fertilizers and not using chemicals products for the cleaning of equipment.

A father is holding his child while they are peeking inside a bucket


Ferme Vifranc Inc. has succeeded in establishing itself in the market of certified organic maple products while remaining a family business.

Ferme Vifranc Inc. is certified organic by Ecocert Canada which is an internationally accredited organic certifying body approved by the USDA. The family business is also certified Kosher by an internationally accredited organism.

Over the years, Ferme Vifranc Inc. has developed a unique and strict quality control system to ensure all their products meet their requirements for taste and sweetness. Careful attention is paid when selecting maple syrup from  certified organic producers. Furthermore, every single one of our maple products are identified and tracked in order to continue to provide quality products to our customers.

In order to better satisfy the growing demand, Ferme Vifranc Inc. works hard to maintain an excellent relationship with the producers to ensure constant supply. The company has a close relationship with its producers who are subject to strict quality controls. Together, Ferme Vifranc Inc. and the producers strive to continually improve our maple products. These are only a few reasons why Ferme Vifranc Inc.’s maple products stand out from other brands.


It is Ferme Vifranc Inc.‘s intention to maintain its commitment in offering certified organic maple products of superior quality. For more than a decade Ferme Vifranc Inc. has established trust and loyalty with its customers, retailers and producers. In the decades ahead, these values will continue to guide the company.


Maple syrup is the quintessential Canadian product. Through trial and error, our organic maple syrup production habits have evolved resulting in superior quality syrups. Due to years of experience, our expertise has allowed us to develop environmentally friendly production techniques. Maple syrup, being a complete sugar, rich in minerals and trace elements is a first choice product. Ferme Vifranc Inc. has developed a range of quality aromatic syrups that will please anyone’s taste preference.

Maple Tree

Maple sugar trees are members of the broad-leaved tree family. They can reach a height of 25 to 30 meters and live over 250 years. Maple wood is strong and resistant, but it takes between 50 and 80 years before maple trees are ready to be tapped for their sap(maple water). Its’ sap is a clear liquid composed of approximately 97% water, 3 % sugar and 0.5% minerals.


Maple trees are tapped very early in the spring when temperatures are near the freezing point. This is usually between mid February and mid March, depending on the region and its climate. Tapping must be done with great care in order to extract the maximum sap from each tree. Firstly, the right maples trees must be selected; usually tress that are not under 20cm in diameter. Then holes 7 mm in diameter and 4 cm deep are drilled in which the plastic spouts are inserted. These spouts are linked together by a hygienic plastic tubing system which in turn leads to holding containers. The use of this type of networking, usually installed with a slope to let gravity do much of the work, results in a fresher, limpid maple water to arrive at the sugar shack. This system can also be assisted by a suction-pump. Ideally, the temperature should vary about 10 degrees (–5o C at night and +5o C during the day) before the sap begins to circulate. Like good wines, maple syrup will vary in taste from one region to another and from year to year. In late April, maple trees start budding signifying the end of the maple harvesting season. From beginning to end, the season typically only lasts about one month; just enough time for your sweet tooth and maple’s great taste to come together.

Inverted osmosis

Collected sap goes through a concentrating process which consists of exerting a mechanical pressure to remove 75% of the water contained in the sap. This step is achieved with the use of osmotic membranes and results in raising the concentration of the sugar from the initial solution.


After the sap has been concentrated through inverted osmosis, it is ready for evaporation. The sap must be boiled down to a ratio of 66% sugar and 34% water for it to become maple syrup. While still hot, the syrup is filtered and put into food grade barrels. It takes between 35 and 40 litres of sap to produce one litre of maple syrup. We then obtain syrup with a density of 66 degrees Brix. The “Brix degree” is the regulatory measure for sugar content (especially sucrose) found in maple products.

Filtration and Bottling

During evaporation, minerals also become concentrated which blurs the liquid. To obtain a clearer and more attractive syrup, the producer must pass it through a series of very fine filters before storing.

From the barrels, the maple syrup is pasteurized and filtered again before it gets bottled in plastic jugs or glass bottles. This production step is done by bringing the temperature of the syrup to 85° C which assures proper preservation. Bottling can be done at any time of the year.

Why Buy Organic?

Until the last drop!

Ferme Vifranc Inc. is committed to producing 100% organic maple products because we believe that our ancestors did it right and that we can’t improve on the taste nature produces. Producing organic maple products is challenging because it requires very careful handling of the product so as to avoid contamination. When tapping maple trees only food grade ethyl alcohol can be used to disinfect the holes being made as well as the equipment. When boiling the sap, only  organic vegetable oils can be used to prevent it from foaming. Throughout the processing, the sap and maple syrup are only in direct contact with stainless steel equipment in order to avoid any contamination. The maple syrup is then kept in stainless steel or food grade barrels to ensure quality until bottling. Also, only products recommended by our certifying organism(Ecocert Canada) are used during production. These steps are taken to ensure that the maple flavour is unchanged from its original state.

A little girl is playing with maple leavesProducing organic maple products also demands that the environment in which the maple trees grow be respected. No pesticides are used and a variety of different trees are preserved so as to keep the ecosystem balanced. In spring, the tapping of the maple trees is done according to a chart that determines the eligible size of trees and the number of holes that can be drilled. By doing this, small maple trees are protected and when they reach maturity, they will have better production capabilities. Furthermore, it is very important not to over-exert the trees so as not to weaken them. Proper care of the maple trees, and the ecosystems they live in, guarantees their good health and long life. This means that they will be able to produce maple products for future generations to enjoy. The independent organic certification organism (Ecocert Canada) demands that we follow strict guidelines (updated yearly) as well as keep production logbooks for accurate details. In this way, we are always up to date about production specifications and ready for our yearly surprise inspections from the certifying body. Organic Standards

Did you know?


Maple syrup has different flavours according to the grade. To provide a high quality organic maple syrup, Ferme Vifranc Inc. tastes every single barrel from each producer we buy from. This way, each barrel is allocated a specific flavour in accordance with the flavour wheel. Depending on the needs and wants of our customers, we then mix different syrup grades to attain the required taste and grade.

Brix Degrees

According to the NQ 8280-005/2001 document from bureau de la normalisation du Québec (BNQ) « the content of soluble dry extract in the maple syrup shall be at least 66,0°Brix and the most 67,5°Brix at 20°C ».


The main factor when determining the grade of maple syrup is the light transmittance by the maple syrup.

GradePercentage of light transmittance
Canada Grade A Golden, delicate tasteLess than 75,0
Canada Grade A Amber,
rich taste
Less than 75,0
but not less than 50,0
Canada Grade A Dark,
robust taste
Less than 50,0
but not less than 25
Canada Grade A Very Dark, strong tasteLess than 25,0

Terms designating colour classes were taken form Annex III of the Maple Products Regulations (C.R.C., c.289)

Visit us at NOPE in London, Olympia Stadium, stand 9063, April 13th – 14th

Visit us at NOPE in London, Olympia Stadium, stand 9063, April 13th – 14th

31 March 2014
Visit us at BioFach 2014, Stand 4-209 B

Visit us at BioFach 2014, Stand 4-209 B

9 January 2014
We Are Now Certified JAS by Ecocert

We Are Now Certified JAS by Ecocert

12 December 2013

We can now sell our organic products in Japan.

Ferme Vifranc Inc now sells its maple products at Amazon.ca

9 December 2013

Ferme Vifranc Inc now sells its products online on the website www.amazon.ca.

Ferme Vifranc Inc. will exhibit at the Natural & Organic Products 2013 in London.

Ferme Vifranc Inc. will exhibit at the Natural & Organic Products 2013 in London.

15 March 2013

Ferme Vifranc inc. will exhibit for the first time at the Natural & Organic Products Europe, April 7th and 8th, 2013. Our booth is located at space 8056.

Ferme Vifranc at the World Organic Trade Fair BioFach

23 January 2013

Ferme Vifranc, Inc. will exhibit at the World Organic Trade Fair BioFach, at Nuremberg in Germany, 13th to 16th February 2013. Ferme Vifranc, Inc. will be located under the pavillon 4-510. Come visit us!

Ferme Vifranc will attend Food & Hotel Asia 2012 at the Canada Pavilion

Ferme Vifranc will attend Food & Hotel Asia 2012 at the Canada Pavilion

1 February 2012

Ferme Vifranc will expose for the first time at the Food & Hotel Asia 2012 International Fair which will be held in Singapore from April 17 to April 20. A great international exposure!

Ferme Vifranc at the World Organic Trade Fair BioFach

Ferme Vifranc at the World Organic Trade Fair BioFach

9 December 2011

Ferme Vifranc, Inc. will exhibit at the World Organic Trade Fair BioFach, at Nuremberg in Germany, 15th to 18th February 2012. Ferme Vifranc, Inc. will be located under the pavillon 4-510. Come visit us!

Ferme Vifranc Inc use the international Canada Brand

Ferme Vifranc Inc use the international Canada Brand

21 June 2011

The Government of Canada now authorizes Ferme Vifranc Inc. to use the International Canada Brand. The use of the logos will help Ferme Vifranc Inc. to enhance its image in international markets. Canada Brand promotes the high quality of our nature through Canadian products. The excellent reputation Canada built over the years will add value to our products and will promote the exportation regardless of a strong Canadian dollar.

Ferme Vifranc at the World Organic Trade Fair BioFach

Ferme Vifranc at the World Organic Trade Fair BioFach

6 January 2011

Ferme Vifranc, Inc. will exhibit at the World Organic Trade Fair BioFach, at Nuremberg in Germany, 16th to 19th February 2011. Ferme Vifranc, Inc. will be located under the pavillon 4-510. Come visit us!