Vifranc provides international retailers with certified maple syrup products that are packaged to their specifications and shipped through a seamless import process.

Rigorous processes to meet the highest standards

Vifranc has gained the confidence and trust of its customers by constantly applying rigorous quality processes certified by BRC global standards, which ensure customer protection.



Innovation, for outstanding experiences

The company’s processes—from collection to selection, evaluation, filtration, separation, pasteurization, inspection, grading, sampling, rating and recording—help Vifranc meet its customers’ highest standards, resulting in a superior quality you can undeniably taste in its maple syrup products.



Commitment of the team to a sustainable business development

Vifranc’s employees are passionate, dedicated to and proud of making the best maple syrup while being environmentally responsible. They are continually perfecting their craft by exploring new methods and testing new equipment, managing the sugar bush and using only organic certified  cleaning products. Their involvement allows Vifranc to provide customers, with higher quality and better prices.


Customers choose Vifranc for the quality and price of its maple syrup products, and for its commitment to corporate environmental responsibility.