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Vifranc provides national & international retailers with certified maple syrup products that are packaged to their specifications and shipped through a seamless import process.

Highest standards, doing things right!

For 4 generations, one lesson has been continually taught: “Don’t cut corners and do things right!” Vifranc has gained the confidence of its customers based on that modo. Although our own standards are stringent, we’ve gone out and gotten BRC global standards certifications to prove it. We’re certain customers will taste the difference attention to detail brings



Innovation, an investment in the future! 

Vifranc has always looked for opportunities to innovate within our field and push it’s boundaries. Every step of the way —from collection to selection, evaluation, filtration, separation, pasteurization, inspection, grading, sampling, rating and recording— we have looked to find new, more efficient ways of working. We are always looking for new applications for our products resulting in a more diverse product line. Vifranc meets its customers’ highest standards for today and tomorrow. 



Commitment of our team to corporate environmental responsibility

At Vifranc, it’s not just what we produce, it’s how we produce it! Our employees are proud to be making the best maple syrup while being environmentally responsible. You can see our dedication to environmental responsibility in how we manage our forest, the implementation of new, more efficient equipment and the use of organic certified  cleaning products throughout the process. Our team works hard to provide customers with exceptional quality and better prices through a process that’s kind to the environment.